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Azi Bendersky

My name is Azi Bendersky and I have been taking various PLTW engineering classes for the last three years of my life. My interests have consistently been more focused on the more mechanical side of engineering, but I spent my fair share of time with software on a computer. I plan to use my engineering education to build and maintain regenerative kelp farms on the coast of California. I want to find ways to both safely establish and harvest these resources in a way that restores the natural kelp forest enviroment.

Completed Projects

Ethics in Engineering

We had to design and produce a device that could hit rubber balls through wickets of varying sizes at different distances. 

Sticky Wicket JPL Invention Challenge

Screen Shot 2023-05-28 at 9.38.13 PM.png

Capstone Project

My group's design, process, and description can be found here

JPL Sticky Wicket Invention Challenge

This years JPL invention challenge is called the Sticky Wicket challenge. The goal is to use a striking force to send a ball through five wickets, two of which are wider and close to the starting point, and three that are narrower and farther away. This all happens in a semi-circular course. Winning the challenge would require sending the ball perfectly through all of the wickets in under a minute. More details can be found here.

Process Writing

I wrote my personal statement pieces about parts of my life relevant to prompts about leadership, creativity, education, and how I live with my community.

In order to asses our writing level coming into this year we had 45 minutes to write a response to a question about how the mind can be used for good and for evil

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